details--integrated-integrated-cable-works-in-input-and-output-charging-space-saving-no-knots-or-cables-remain-behind-lightning-adapter-included-which-allows-you-to-charge-your-devices-with-the-built-in-cable-or-any-micro-usb-cable-br-beautiful-polycarbonate-structure-high-impact-resistance-texture-similar-to-leather-with-fake-stitching-br-a-new-optimized-6000-mah-power-supply-2-amp-output-for-high-speed-charging-br-charge-other-devices-while-charging-a-first-device-the-intelligent-circuit-passes-the-current-directly-to-the-other-terminal-intelligent-circuit-control-and-overcurrent-protection-br-the-battery-indicator-light-has-four-lights-polymer-class-batteries-are-identified-for-over-500-charge-and-discharge-cycles-and-above--96 -20%
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✅ Integrated integrated cable works in input and output (charging). Space saving. No knots or cables remain behind. Lightning adapter included, which allows you to charge your devices with the built-in cable or any Micro-USB cable.
✅ Beautiful polycarbonate structure. High impact resistance. Texture similar to leather with fake stitching.
✅ A new optimized 6000 mAh power supply. 2 amp output for high speed charging.
✅ Charge other devices while charging a first device: The intelligent circuit passes the current directly to the other terminal. Intelligent circuit control and overcurrent protection.
✅ The battery indicator light has four lights. Polymer class batteries are identified for over 500 charge and discharge cycles and above.

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Ovegna JP: Ultra-Slim Portable Power Bank 6000mAh (Color Beige), Dual Output Ports, Built-in USB Cable, Fast Charging - for Iphone, Ipad Air, Galaxy, Nexus, HTC, Motorola, LG and Others

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